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" I pretty pleased with ordering from RK computers. When I sent the wrong type of payment to Rob, he personally called me and told me about the situation. Most people could have taken advantage of that situation by charging extra for resubmitting the correct form of payment, but thankfully, RK computers didn't.

I would like to mention that I also like how quickly my questions were answered through email before I bought the laptop.

As for the laptop itself, it is professionally packaged and the item arrived extremely quick even though I used standard shipping. The laptop seems to be well build as well.

I recommend RK computers to people who are searching for a new laptop. Do not be afraid to order from a small company that is relatively unknown, especially if you're looking for in depth customization options.



" Excellent service!! Rob was able to help me out while I was in a pinch by getting my laptop setup and shipped out in one day. He also was able to get me Saturday shipping at a very reasonable price. Anyone i know who will want to pick up a high performance laptop I will surely recommend RK Computers now!"



" I must say I am very impressed so far with RK Computers. I previously placed an order with another reseller and after waiting for more than 2 weeks, I canceled my order with them. I was getting the run around on why my order was delayed and what not.  
So I then placed an order with RK Computers on 12-12-2008 and asked them if they can rush the order for me. It shipped on 12-15-2008 and should be here on 12-19-2008. Unbelievable service so far.  
I have yet to receive my notebook, but I am sure it will be exactly how I ordered it. RK computer's will be my first choice the next time I am in the market for a new notebook.  
Also, RK Computers had the lowest price I have seen from any other resellers. Low prices and great service, you cannot beat that.  
Update: Received my laptop on the 18th. 6 days after placing the order. I was a little worried that since it was installed and shipped out so fast that the notebook might not be up to par.  
I have absolutely no problems with the laptop at all and it runs everything beautifully. Thanks again RK



" RK Computers delivered my custom laptop in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price.

Their website is easy to use to specify your requirements for your laptop. I was able to choose Ubuntu as my operating system as well as all the hardware components/accessories that I needed.

Their technical support is knowledgeable and was available when I needed it.

If you need to build a custom laptop, I recommend RK Computers."



" I ordered this OCZ notebook with some components and I was promised a ship date on that Friday. The problem was I needed the notebook for a business trip that Saturday. I spoke to Rob and he helped me out by rushing it out for me. The response time was FANTASTIC!! I emailed and an hour later I got my response. Wish most companies were like that. Anyway, he was able to send it out on Thursday and it is scheduled for a Friday delivery. WOO HOO!!! I would buy from RK Computers again....EXCELLENT service!!!"



" Fast and effective service before, during, and after the sale.

My laptop arrived FAST (3 days!) and as ordered, working great!

Do not hesitate to do business with RKC."



" I pre-ordered the RKC-1756 Extreme (OCZNBIM17A)Notebook. Once released form the manufacture I received my order within 5 days.

They told no stories and shipped my notebook immediately. It arrived and I had absolutely no problems to date, the O/S was installed perfect and they also included a driver/utility cd.

I called a few times for various (and probably stupid questions) and got a live person on the phone every time!!

No recorded message, no press 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.........

No leave a message, I actually called one nite when I got home late (about 1am) and still got a live person that answered all my questions without any hesitation.

I cannot make it clear enough that this is absolutely the BEST notebook and the BEST support I have EVER received from a company."



" Well, firstly, I originally ordered the MSI-1722 (RKC-1722 Extreme Edition) laptop from Xotic-PC. But after waiting 9 business days, I received an email telling me that the LCD failed during their testing phase, and they had no ETA when they would have more.. so they offered to downgrade the LCD screen to a lower resolution. Well.. I wasn't going to have that!
Having a matte 1900x1200 screen was the main reason for me to purchase this model. So, I phoned Rob at RK Computers, who was very helpful and told me that he had plenty of those LCDs in stock.
So, I cancelled my order with Xotic-PC and quickly purchased the same configuration from RK Computers online. (and saved almost $400 in the process)

I ordered late Tuesday night, and the computer was shipped the following Friday.. I received it in good condition Monday morning. So it took half the time that Xotic took just to email me the bad news!

The quality of the packaging was great.. and instructions clear. I'm very happy with the purchase thus far. 

All in all, I'm very happy that I purchased from RK Computers.. it's still early days, but the laptop is running well.

I would certainly order from them again in future!

ps: at time of writing, I'm still waiting for my refund from Xotic-PC!"



" Easy specification. Easy ordering. Product was as ordered and worked accordingly. Shipping was fast."



" I was very pleased with the product I received. I ordered a Sager NP5793 and it's performance is top notch, it really did the job that I wanted of replacing my current desktop, while providing me with cutting edge hardware and performance. After ordering the notebook on the 18th of June, I had to send a money order because the amount was over my check card limit. After receiving the money order, the notebook took a few days to produce, unfortunately it was finished on a Friday so I had to wait a weekend. The notebook shipped on Monday and I had it my hot little hands by Tuesday thanks to Next Day Air (this was overkill because I found out that they were really only one state away). After receiving the notebook I played some UT3 it just tore right through it. This computer is like a portable powerhouse, even with an 8800 GTX and a Core 2 Duo (2.6 Ghz) running, this thing runs cooler (and quieter) than my desktop ever could. Trust me, compared to my desktop this thing is like silent. With the hardware that this notebook is packing and it's overall build quality, I trust this computer will bring me plenty of performance and pleasure for years to come. I have dealt with a local reseller in the past to provide me with my current desktop and laptop, and they just did not give me a product that was worth the money I paid. However, with RK Computers, my faith in resellers has been restored. These guys have truly provided me with a product that was worth the money, and it was actually built correctly according to my specifications. I would highly recommend to RK Computers to anyone looking to purchase a new high quality notebook, and wants to actually get what they pay for."



" RK Computers is great! Rob answered my questions, double checked on parts of my order, gave me a great price, and delivered quickly. I will definitely bring my return business back to RK."



" Rob at RK is a first class act. Configured & shipped my MS-1719 in less than 48 hrs.Great customer service. When I've called he's always answered the phone. Always better when you can talk to the man in charge and not someone reading generic answers off of a card."



"My company just bought me an RKC-163A Ultimate edition with win XP Pro and a 200gb hard drive, just want to say I'm really impressed with it. The screen is great, it's glossy and sharp, and seems to have a lot of brightness and contrast. I was worried beforehand that the WXGA resolution wouldn't be enough for me, but it's been great. The chassis has some flex to it here and there, but it seems durable, and when considering the connectivity options (esata), the hardware inside, the thinness and the surprisingly light weight of the notebook, it doesn't even matter. It's a desktop replacement for me, but I could easily take it anywhere I want. I usually build all my own computers, but when I looked at the options and saw you would lap the heat sinks and put AS5 on them, I knew you would go the extra mile and you probably did a better job with everything than I would have myself, it runs cool. I had an Apple Powerbook before this, and that thing always seemed like it was about to start on fire. so it's a nice change. Also, the included bag works perfectly with the computer and is well-made. I thought I was going to ditch the bag before I got the computer, but it's actually come in quite handy. I took everything out of the box when I got it at work, and when I went home I put it all into the bag and I felt nice and organized. I just love it so much, and I feel like it can handle anything I throw at it."



" I bought a laptop from RK Computers and I'm very happy about the customer service and about the computer as well, I bought it from California and now I'm back home in Israel, thank you RK Computers and thank you Rob."



" Fast service, fast shipping, excellent quality laptop. I'm very pleased with my purchase."



" I spoke with a sales rep twice with several questions and concerns before my purchase and they were very thorough and helpful. The web site is the best I've seen at allowing the user to spec a notebook with exactly what they want and nothing more."



"Before I ordered I called and asked about an option that I didn't see on the website. the rep updated the site for me so that I could get the option I wanted. after I completed my order it arrived in a timely manner and everything looked good. I (being obsessive compulsive) re-installed the OS so that I could set things up exactly as I wanted. when I was trying to reload the drivers, the graphics driver would not work. I called RK and they told me that the driver had not been released to the public yet, but they would email a link so I could reload it. the system works great and runs perfectly now. I'm very pleased with the prompt service and the fact that, even though what I did was completely unnecessary, the RK rep was completely polite and helpful. I will definitely buy from them again next time I'm in the market for a laptop."



"I called this store's contact number over eight times before I made any kind of purchase with technical questions on one of their models. Every time I was talking with a person directly (no punch in the number systems or hold for next available customer support agent). They were extremely helpful, patient, courteous, and knowledgeable on the queried topics. I decided to make a purchase, and it has been the smoothest and fastest process to date for me (I have bought many items, including computers, online before). Even once I received my very nicely packed product their staff assisted my new annoying questions with a cordial and helpful attitude. They are my go to guys for laptop purchases from now on, I can't praise them enough."



"I had a couple of presales questions and called their number listed on their site. First time I called I actually spoke with a human being that answered my questions!!! Service and shipping was prompt. The price was incredible!!! Product was just as advertised. The only cons were some buggy components on the laptop. But they were small hardware related problems. Very good experience. Have recommended this seller to several friends already."



"Very fast delivery, great service, good packaging. Everything was just as advertised. I didn't upgrade, just got a bare-bones computer, and wasn't hassled at all.

All around great service."



"Seller's customer support was excellent. The general email response time was under an hour. They worked with me directly to answer any question I had about the product both before and after the sale. I would highly recommend RK Computer to anyone looking for a new laptop. The combination of outstanding customer service and great products makes a great seller in my eyes."



"RK computers is no doubt the best customer service computer retail store I've ever dealt with. Their quick and resourceful reply are very impressive and this is one of the reason I bought my Laptop from them.

My laptop MS-1057, was a rather new product and it's a MSI barebone which not too many stores carry. RK not only provided the best price and also the best service and information regarding the laptop, even before I placed my order. When I placed my order they didn't upsell me for things that I don't need, indeed, they did tell me "those are just toys for your laptop".

The shipment was arrived as estimated. Once again their prompt response is just IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!"



"Great Seller! Great product. I had to call for clarification on the item before I ordered it online."

Thanks, Alfred


"I ordered an MSI whitebook. There aren't a ton of reputable resellers for newer model whitebooks.

RK Computers had the model I wanted and I checked out the previous ratings. I am surprised that more people aren't taking advantage of these deals!

I even upgraded my shipping to Next Day Air because I was in a hurry. RK came through. Perfect double-boxed packaging and a working notebook after I installed my components. Great Service!!!!Quick replies to my emails was also a big plus!!!"



"Thank you greatly. Your service is truly amazing. Thanks for your time and for helping me pick the right screen."

Zach C


"My experience with RK Computers was very satisfying. Their selection of high end laptops was unmatched in my experience and they were all fully customizable and highly competitively priced. I stumbled upon their website when I was looking for the Asus Z92T which had just been released in America and wasn%u2019t being carried by any other retailers. When I found the site I was skeptical because I had never heard of them before, however my purchasing experience has eliminated any doubts I had. Although the laptop wasn%u2019t available anywhere else it was cheaper than comparable laptops from Dell, HP, and other major distributors. It was also able to fully customize it with the components I wanted. Service was exceptionally fast and the laptop was shipped to me in under a day and I had it two or three days after placing my order which was several days ahead of when I though I would receive it.

The only problem I had was that the laptop shipped with the European power connector. I called RK Computers the day I received the unit and much to my surprise a person answered the phone on the second ring. When I explained what had happened RK computers overnighted the proper cable at their expense and told me to keep the European adaptor. I was very pleased with the customer service and quick response by RK Computers. I will definitely do business with RK Computers again.

The laptop itself is great. It is very fast and was the only product that had a performance level graphics card and the new Turion X2 processor for under $2000. I have had the laptop since mid August and use it for college work daily occasional gaming and haven%u2019t had any problems. The battery life is actually very good considering all the horsepower%u2026it averages about 2 hours for office applications. The Asus Z92T is definitely a great choice for gamers who don%u2019t want to spend a fortune or for users looking for a desktop replacement that they will get three or four years out of."



"I was skeptical ordering from a store I had never heard of. However, I was tired of being overcharged and underperformed by HP and the like. I called RK to ask them about their company and hopefully get a feel for what kind of company they are. They answered all my questions and seemed to genuinely want my business.

I decided to give them a shot and boy am I glad I did. First of all let me say this is not a discount up selling hack shop that will cancel your order if you don not upgrade or buy their warranty. The computer I got (MS-171881 (MS-1054)) is a great computer and runs flawlessly. I received it as quickly as was advertised. I even made a minor ordering error which was corrected with a phone call FROM them to me!!

I have called RK about 4 times for a few technical questions and they answered the call and solved my problems every time.

This company has been a pleasure to deal with. Hardware is normally pretty similar so customer service is where a company separates itself. This company goes above and beyond."




"The laptop and delivery service was great. I love the size and power of this little GIANT! Anyone looking for portability and power in a laptop, I would recommend RK services."

Patrick D


I'm glad I chose RK Computers for this purchase. This is quite possibly the best customer service I've ever received, and certainly the most responsive. Add to that all the extra stuff you've been posting on the forums over at notebook review, and I'd say that you're well on your way to being a top notch reseller if you weren't already.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to discourse with me. It's a pleasure doing business with you now and hopefully in the future as well."

 Douglass Thogersen


"Dear RK Computers Technical Support, I have my MSI MS-1039 WXGA working with Linux quite well!, The wireless works, the graphics card works, and even sound!!!

 Thank you for the very prompt emails!!! I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to look at rkcomputer.net FIRST next time I need a laptop."

Ben G


"Amazing Service!!! I bought a laptop from another company but they didn't have the extra battery I had ordered. Lucky for me I found RK computers and they had a better battery for less money!! Great Deal!! I sent them an E-mail at 11:20pm and got one back at 11:33pm, I thought I'd have to wait at least a day! Friendly Too!!! And an great site design!!! Just simply Amazing service!! Recommending to all my tech buddies!! Will definitely buy from them again!!"

Kyle H


"This computer is awesome. Super fast, super light, and the screen is very clear. The people at RK are always very helpful and respond to emails right away. I am so glad I purchased my MSI notebook from RK."


Tami M



"I was very happy with the service from RK. The notebook computer arrived on time and in perfect condition.

In fact, Microsoft released a promotion for Vista the day I ordered, and RK made sure that it was applied to my order even though it was not part of my original purchase. Obviously someone there took my order personally, and was looking out for me. I%u2019ve ordered from many different companies over the years, including NewEgg and Tiger, and I can%u2019t say that I ever remember having had that happen before.

Bottom line - I am very pleased with RK and my order with them,. I got the exact laptop I wanted in terms of capability, and at a great price, and I look forward to ordering from them again".

Scott H


"It is a very nice laptop, exactly what I was looking for. The website customization options were simple and easy to understand; all the options I was looking to customize were available. The machine arrived on time with no shipping issues. I selected all the individual components and knew that they were what I wanted, but I was wondering a little about how the case would look, it turned out to be far better than I hoped. I called RKC twice; once for customer order support and another for technical support. Both calls were answered immediately by a real person, who dealt with both of my issues right there on the phone.

Overall; I had a very good Laptop purchase experience with RKC."


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